What is the verdict, Frank (part 3)? Others welcome

HCBs or not?


you crazy?


This is pretty old now, but if you haven’t read this you must check it out. SFW.


Frankie, when are we getting the Urban Dictionary Official HCB Definition?


The woman in the Snopes article made the mistake of showing her hand. That is, she outwardly said that she wants to ensnare a rich man. This is the wrong strategy. She is supposed to use her looks to attract said man into a short term relationship. And then, manipulate the man such that breaking up at any time would be disadvantageous, unpleasant or inconvenient. If done correctly, marriage would ensue. Bringing up relationship longevity at issuance calls attention to the fact that beauty is a depreciating asset. This is a poor marketing tactic.

i will get around to it soon CFA…i got like a bunch of fuccin’ US banks i have to update data for…

^respect. Again, have you ever thought of hiding your birf certificate and running for president Frankie? If you ran our country like your ran your investments, world peace would ensure.