What is this 3 possible choices instead of 4 ?

I keep reading this however I did not see anything about this on CFAI website. Does anyone know about this.

Check this out: http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/questions_faq.html##2


So you have less choices to pass this exam.

i think you could usually narrow it down to two answers. usually the 4th was some lame duck.

I agree. I don’t think narrowing down the choices from 4 to 3 will have much of a difference. On questions I was unsure about I was almost always able to narrow the choices down to two. I guess it could help you if you had no clue how to answer the question.

I have a feeling that each question is going to have three possible solutions that appear highly probable - much more so than in the past. Makes more a much more difficult test, one where you really need to know and understand the material. Either that or perhaps they just decided to use a different scantron device. I really have no idea and don’t care either. At the end of the day, it’s not going to affect my studying.

I wonder if they are doing this so that way charter holders passed the test with an 80% or so as opposed to a 68%. The same percentage of candidates will pass, however they will just be getting higher scores. Make the charterholders look like they learned more ie grade inflation

I bet it only means it is going to be more difficult, like jalmy8 said. You would really need to know the material very well to get the right result, or better said the one they are looking for. For sure this is not a move to ease the life of candidates.

I think that the difference in the results will be barely noticeable if at all. My experience is that CFAI typically provide one correct answer, two plausible but incorrect answers and one which is duffer-bait. I would suggest that CFAI statistics probably show that the fourth question is seldom selected, and when it is, has a miniscule effect on the candidate’s overall result.

the probability of correct guess is higher at 33.33% than 25.0%

i bet there will be more parts to each question, so perhaps a) has two bits you need to know before you can select a), then same for b) and c). so even though the odds are higher in guessing i think they will be able to ask more in depth questions from the syllabus…thats my take anyway

All I know is that CFAI never makes this exam any easier so I’m assuming it will be harder.