What is this job? Real estate, commission only?

It doesn’t look like a real estate agent. High Net-Worth Account Advisor * Investment Account Executive The above referenced position has the potential to lead to an Associate’s position within the firm. The successful candidate will begin with a one year multi-phase probation period which will include intense training. We are looking for candidates who can start work immediately. Qualifications: • Candidates must have a degree in real estate finance, finance, or economics from a top tier university (undergraduate degree required; graduate degree a plus). • Must be self-motivated, tenacious, with strong interpersonal and analytical skills. • The best are accomplishment driven, consistently setting and achieving high goals with a strong desire to succeed in a sales-driven environment. • Our investment professionals start out as commission-only independent contractors and have the potential to quickly move to salaried positions. • Thoughtful, high energy individual with excellent oral and written communication skills. • In-depth understanding of both real estate equity and debt markets. • An ability to understand complex ideas and quantitative metrics, and be able to communicate these concepts to institutional investors, pension funds, and private real estate investors. • Must be sharp, ambitious, creative and entrepreneurially-minded – strong sense of personal motivation and responsibility. • Superior attention to detail. • Ability to work in high-paced, dynamic and collaborative environment. • Ability to produce high-quality work while adhering to strict deadlines. • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. • Practical knowledge of Microsoft Access. • Ability to work in a team environment. .

sounds like a jr analyst role at a real estate investment shop, but I could be wrong

its a chop shop

chop shop meaning? It seems like a lot of analysis work and on the job training, but they’re paying by commission for some reason.

  • i never met a person who was both “thoughtful” and a commission-only sales rep - sounds like a churn em’ & burn em’ sales role - what are they actually selling? time share? property syndicates? - “intensive training” probably means: “here’s a desk, a phone and a phone book. Start with A !” - But cold call selling is brilliant experience - great start in any industry - and you can make a lot of money if you’re cut out for it

i didnt say chop shop, i said shop. I would call and “ask for more color” as you “are interested in the role” Just call these people. nothing to be scared of. the commish thing does sound like it is more sales than analytical and they may be WINDOW DRESSING this thing