What is total debt?

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Can I ask you guys :

what is is the definition of Capital? Is it Total debt + Owner’s Equity? Does this total debt include Accounts payable?

I had this question when I was attempting the Challenging Problems #59 from Schweser.

When calculating the debt/capital ratio, the debt figure excluded accounts payable while the capital figure included accounts payable.

Can someone explain this to me?

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Total Debt : Long-term debt + interest-bearing short-term debt

In general, all interest-bearing debt. Not accounts payable, wages payable, taxes payable, and so on. And not lease obligations.

Not everybody agrees on this definition, but it’s what CFA Institute uses.

Total Capital : Total debt (see above) + shareholders’ equity

Total debt is including all items of liability side only excluding equity and non interest bearing debt.

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Not according to CFA Institute. Non-interest bearing liabilities (e.g., accounts payable, wages payable) are not included in total debt.

That’s false. That’s total liabilities, not total debt.

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Now it is clear that total debt not including non- interest bearing debt, Mistake has been corrected.

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