what is your average score on Schweser ProQBank

I have averaged around 65% across all the sessions? what was ur scores?

89% on average.

80-odd% … on random difficulty. I think the questions are too easy to be representative of the actual exam.

havent started doing it yet :slight_smile:

hey, eq research nds, maybe you better not take those 2 days off as a study break afterall :wink:

67 %. Ponpon

It depends - if you believe the Q bank ‘test management page’ then the scores will be over inflated… Schweser can put wrong answers back in and if you answer them correct the 2nd or third time around you get it ‘right’ right from the start (i.e. if you got 1 out of 2 on your first test then retook the test and got both correct, your Q bank score would show up at 100% and not 75%)…anyways, using this method then i have something like 82%… but i keep track of it like every test is independent (to better gauge where i am) and i’m at slightly better than 73%…

If you don’t select include previously incorrect questions then I think you get all questions you have not answered before. In any case i’m around any 80 and have done only a couple score increasing exams that strikershank mentioned.

It is a shame there is no question bank for the essay questions…

thought of that but imagine the nightmare to correct them…

I’ve been tracking about a 78% average without allowing for previously incorrect answers from appearing again.

I have done allt the q’s with all LOs tests, reading quiz and session exams, 2000 sth, but still 300 left, mailnly ethics. on aVG 74%. the worst is 60% Economics, best is Perfomance 89%. session exams are like the real min-cases, much more comprehnsive and my are much worse. Personally, don;t think a good representative. Now I still dont remember contigent immunization, currecy alocation, they dont even have the exercise on the break-down of implementation costs! I am far far away from being comfortable with the real exam, long way to go still.

i think i m getting 70-80% in the Q bank… realised today that GIPS was a bit weak so need to improve there… but Q1 of GIPs in Q bank seemed challenging? In the calculation of modified dietz, they compute quarterly return first computing rtns for each month, and then chain linking them geometrically… the mistake i made was the following: The formula for calcuation is: R (modified) = (M1-M0-CF)/[MV0+ Summation (wi x CFi)] where wi=(CD-D/CD), given that CD represents number of days in the computation period, and D is the day on which CF is made. Given that quarterly data was given (Jan-March), I put CD = 90 in computing weights on two CFs. One received in Jan, and the other on Feb 8. For eg., for Feb 8 CF, I used the weight (90-39/90). However the answer was wrong. So then I realized the correct way of doing this was computing monthly R (modified), so the weight used is based upon number of calendar days in the ‘month’. Then you chain link and get the correct answer!!!

yeah, respond to eastwest, I did this question also.my fellows also made same mistake. in the Sche books, the examples are also using monthly then chain linking to qiauterly, rather than directly calcualte the quarterly data. and I must say the two results are far different. i think it is because since 2005, monthly performance has to be reported.

77 for self-made tests and 80 overall. Probably the basic questions that are inflating my scores.