what is your mock scores?

please post your mock and practice exams of schweser scores in this topic

this is my scores:

mock 2009:63-70

mock 2010:65-55

mock 2011:60-63

mock 2012:under costruction:D

i dont know why i cant get score uper than 70:(

Don’t move on from a particular topic until you completely understand it. Focus on equity and FRA first.

My average is around 63% on 4 exams schweservolume 1/cfa mock2009

More or less same score, targeting above 70 but on an average same score as mentioned above.

averaging 62% in 3.5 mocks… targeting 70% …

At the top of your 2010 mock exam does it say:

2010 Level II Mock Exam: Morning Session

The morning session of the 2009 Level II Mock Examination has …

I wonder if I really have the 2010 mock or is it 2009?

I have mock 2009 and is different than the 2010 so it should be … 2010.

Mock 2012 > 78%

Anybody has done Mock 2009 Morning ? It seems very easy…

yes, did it. Was way easier than Schweser tests. Though could only score 60%.

2009 PM is also easy.

Wondering if it is reflective?

2009 and 2010 were quite easy, managed around 75+ on both. 2011 - 67% and 2012 - 74%

2011 Mock Test

2011 Mock Morning 75

Afternoon 63

Schwesser Volume 1 Test 1 Morning 77

Schwesser Afternoon 80

Will do 2012 Mock next week. Overall I found that the cfa mock is more diffucult than schwesswe in terms of just blending more than 1 concept in the item set

If possible, could someone share with me the CFAI mocks from 2009-11. I dont have them and am doing the CFA by myself so would help alot.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


2012 mock am = 45/60 = 75%…**Updated as Errata on 1 question when marking went my way**

…Don’t forget the errata, so that you can at least drum in the correct information!

Pleased, although some areas I did less well than I should and yet manged to get 6/6 in the quant section…so I guess it balances out!

PM …to follow…

Can anyone share 2009-10 mocks with me? it will be helpful for my preparation.


Thanks in advance.

Schweser book 1, exam 1 morning: 82%

exam 1 afternoon: 85%

exam 2 morning: 88%

woho…nyc scoring man…any tips for us mid 60 - mid 70 scorers…

The topic summaries in the Schweser Notes are pretty boss for final review (assuming you’ve already gone through the actual notes or the lectures).

Read each question first, then hunt for the info you need for it in the vignette. There’s about 20-50% extra information, so that should save you some time. The info for the questions are presented in roughly the same order in the vignette. Keep track of where you should be at what time on a question set by question set basis. So you should be at about 18 mins in by the end of the first set, 36 mins in by the end of the 2nd, 54 by the 3rd, 1:12 by the 4th, etc. etc. If you’re behind in time, skip the questions that you think will take you a really long time to do, or that you feel really confused on. If you’re ahead, splurge some time on those questions :slight_smile:

I’d say if you’re in the mid 60’s though, there are significant gaps in understanding of the curriculum. So I would pick out perhaps 10-15 readings that you’re weakest on, and try to understand them. Make a target to understand 1-2 of those readings per day.

2012 CFAI Mock - 68%

study 2 weeks

BSAS 2012 Mock - 78%

study 2 weeks

2011 CFAI Mock - 75%

Did the 2011 mock today and the morning session kicked my ass but manaeged about 83% on the afternoon to get the 75% overall.

Schweser Practice Volume 2 Exam 1 AM


Pretty stoked, not going to lie.