what is your practice strategy for level I ?

Hi, I see most of guys here suggest to leave last one month to take some exams for revisions. while those practices are for 5 books, I’d like to know whether you do some practices rihgt after reading each book or after reading each study session? Which practice strategy is more efficient (practise after reading all 5 books OR after reading each book/ss)? Or should I do both? If you practice after each book/ss, could you recommend the materials you use? Q-bank?

It sounds like you’re reading the CFA books. You can pass L1 just by using Schweser, trust me. The good thing thing about Schweser is that there are questions every few pages, in addition to end of section questions and 2 practice exam books. All I used for L1 is Schweser plus I bought the CFA practice exams. I passed everything but Ethics (damn proud of it). I had never taken a finance or accoutning course either. So my advice is to ditch the CFA books and use Schweser or some other prep program.