What is your study method?

Just curious what is your method of studying for L3? For both L1 and L2, I would basically start reading from Schweser and write down/summarize any information that I think is new to me or is not common sense. For example, I wouldn’t write that interest rates and bond prices have an inverse relationship or the general definition of a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan.

I found this method to be very helpful as writing everything down helps me remember the material, however the trade-off here is that it takes me a long time to get through each study session. The upside is that I only use my notes for the revision and don’t look at Schweser at all since my notes contain (supposedly) all the new info to me.

Do you guys find it easier to read the material 2-3 times as opposed to taking notes? Or what is your best method of studying for L3?

When I considered study providers, after doing some in depth research, I decided on Levelup and haven’t looked back. In addition to the videos which are extremely detailed and have saved me tons of time in studying, you get slide books that have the major concepts of each of the readings (and a great review tool), a focus material book (key concepts and problems to focus on) and 15+ years of past morning exams and answers, all organized by study session, and only including prior problems that are still in the current material.

Marc knows his .

I take the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it approach’ - I have used Schweser primarily for my notes in L2 and L1, then I use CFA EOC qs and CFA topic tests + mocks to drill stuff in.