What is your target for this weekend?

Every weekend is very important in the long battle on prepring CFA. Target to finish the Fixed Income (My first topic in this preparation) and start Derivative in this weekend.

I’m going to try and get through as much of Equities as I can…only my second book. Feel like I don’t have enough time til June. Started 2 weeks ago.

Finish SS 6 and review my cheat sheet…make notes on what bits I need to remember!

I work full time and I’m through Ethics, Quant, FRA, Econ, and Alt. Investments. I skipped Schweser book three to bang out the fixed income, and I’m almost done with all of the readings (15 more pages). This weekend I want to go through the CFAI EOC for fixed income, and get some questions done from the qbank. Perhaps Monday (since mkt closed) I will probably work on writing some flashcards to refresh my mind on some of the material from the first two books. Then Tuesday I will start Corporate Finance & Equity. Onwards and Upwards!

So far I finished reading FRA and Quant. I am gonna wrap up Econ this weekend and knock out Corp Finance next week. Skipped Ethics b/c I can read it over during vacation in Caribbean later. :slight_smile:

Only finished Fixed Inome and will start to read Derivative after sleeping