What is your weakest area?

Just wondering what everyone’s weakest topic area is. I wanted to see if there’s a pattern out there that we could post more topics on in order to help more of us out. Please no reply’s on how “that subject is so easy because…”, or “all you have to do is…” That’s for a different thread. just a description of what is giving you the most issues right now.

Mine is behavioral biases.

I think I understand the differences between the definitions, but for me there a disconect between those definitions and the situational questions. I always seem to pick the wrong answer.

since SS3 is likely only 3-% of exam you are in good shape

Pretty much all of book 2 (IPS, behavioral, etc)…the material is just more subjective

Performance evaluation, balck half of CME and Ethics/Asset Manager (for the moment).

Behavioural Finance, IPS individual risk tolerance…

IPS and derivatives (mostly just the calcs, which I will practice).

Alternative, GIPS and individual IPS

fixed income, gips ethics, commodoties


Behavior finance

Currency and derivatives

any question written by CFAI with intentionally complicated chart structure, poorly organized numbers, and ass backwards information displays

The format is my biggest weakness. You could know everything and still fail to tie it together and end up failing the exam.

My weak areas are those topics with all types of tables. Diagrams and graphs are my favorites.


Gips - hopefully it will only be 5% of the exam


Currency, Derivatives GIPS …


IPS from a time management standpoint; I tend to get overly wordy in my explanation of risk and return sections. I think on test day I’ll just save these for last