What job would you like to have if you didnt work in finance

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Is money a factor? Because if not, being a cop would be cool.

Some cops actually make pretty good money. My stepdad works for the MTA police and makes > 200k. Not a bad life

Teaching mathematics full-time.


How can you make 200K being a cop ?

My detective friend makes $130K. It’s not unheard of. But you’re chasing down murderers potentially risking injury or death when you’re on the knock and talks.

Details is where the money is made. My buddy had a rent free 3 bedroom apartment on top of his salary and other details for cops.

I’m not sure honestly. Something to do with anlaysis in another field outside of finance. Probably would’ve ended up in a research field

internet troll

rodeo clown

Flying trapeze artist for a German or a Japanese circus.

Who said it has to be realistic…

SAS Operative

I would be the guardian of Tigers and Elephants. Mainly ones that were abandoned in the wild. I would teach Tigers how to prowl and show the Elephants how long my trunk was because I’m a BSD. Based on these basic survival skills they could survive.

Lion Taming!!


sounds like he is chief of police in a city of 500,000 people or more.

Lmao bchad every day while i do my accounting i think of this sketch. Gets my by, i think i could handle an ant eater


Can we sticky this as a reminder to our Indian CA friends?

200k in the NY metro area is not unheard of when you take OT into account. Some of these guys bag 20-40 hours OT.

You already do this.