What jobs do people have that are taking this exam and what jobs are people getting once it is obtained.

Wanted to see what positions people are in when deciding to take this exam and where they plan to go once they get it.

Portfolio Advisor at a Multi-Family Office. We have a proprietary Hedge Fund of Funds. We also invest in Absolute Return, Managed Futures, REITs and Commodities. Typically via mutual funds or ETFs.

IR/Marketing for an emerging CTA. I am taking the exam mainly to increase my knowledge. Shrute, are you guys looking into emerging managers as well?

Giorgio10, We rely on our current managers to identify and add emerging CTAs. We have our wealthiest clients in an LP that is actively managed by a subadvisor. We also have managed futures exposure for non-accredited clients with a few 40-act funds that were introduced last year. The 40-act space for managed futures is exploding right now.

Shrute, We run only an offshore fund at the moment. Would you be interested in getting in touch and see if our find makes any sense in your portfolios?