What keeps you going?

Interestingly, I dislike both rum and Coke, but can tolerate them together.

Pepsi’s pretty good with Pernod.

^ Interesting.

That’s like saying you dislike both red and yellow, but can tolerate them (orange) together.

Pretty much.

my buddy cant tolerate tomatoes but is fine with ketchup, paste, or sauce

I worked with a woman who also couldn’t stand tomatoes; apparently the sight of a cut tomato nauseated her. Tomato sauce was fine, however.

oh I forgot, also 4 chicks at the same time.

I wanted a(nother) credential that couldn’t be dismissed as “oh, anyone could have gotten that”

Simple/standardized evidence of merit always trumps a sob story about how good you.

Nobody can take it away from you by dismissing it

  1. you got that because of your friends/family

  2. it wasn’t that hard, anyone can do it

  3. it’s not relevant

  4. you got it from a hacksaw school/institution

Literally just signed up to the CFA Level 1, have sights on the December Exam.

For me, the CFA supports a drive I have to move on from the Big 4 to opening up my own infrastructure and risk advisory practice. That’s the goal that will definitely keep me going through the months ahead!