What keeps you going?

The moment we decided that we were to take up CFA, we knew it was a long and tough journey.

Sometimes we might need some extra motivation or a pat on the back to keep us going on this journey. For those that are currently going on this gruesome journey, what motivates you to keep pressing on? Where do you find the energy to push yourself the extra mile?

Also for those who eventually became a charteredholder, where did you find the strengh the make it through the whole thing?

As for myself, most of my motivation comes from reading this forum and other related CFA posts on the internet, about how they made it, how others helped them on the road.

So let’s share our experience and give each of those wanderers on this tough journey an extra push!

Just remember that if you dont finish, then you’re a failure. You dont want to be a failure do you?

Pride kept me going.

My employer kept me going. And the fact that I didn’t get reimbursed unless I passed.

Definitely a lot of this.

Although im still a L3 candidate, I’d be very embarrassed not to pass since the enly charterholders I know passed all levels first time.

Dunkin’ Donuts naturally

The fear of repeating the same exam next year was the biggest motivation.

This too. Also, pass 3/3…multiple attempts are for kitty cats.

Thoughts of making more money and getting a corner office = living more comfortably = eventually get a nicer home = can afford a *much*nicer car = naturally attract more beautiful women = getting laid by the best = gravitate towards better dealers, etc.

Knowing that once I get the Charter, it’s all models & bottles

Watching my friends partying like no tomorrow on Memorial Day weekend.

Hahaha, Thanks for the replies guys!

But just wondering, was the end of the road really like what you guys expected? Or was it a totally different outcome?

^no spoilers, but you’ll see.

Yeap, nothing keeps a man going more than fear of failure

Exactly this and only this for me :slight_smile:

In a way related to what Ramos has said. Loss of pride if I fail and the feeling of surprising everyone including myself when the email started with CONGRATULATIONS:)

And no spoilers, yes I failed band 10 in 2013 - I think I required that knock on the head to keep my feet grounded to be brutally frank.

I was literally going to type this

fear of failure


big 4 audit


Pepsi’s better.

^ Especially with rum.