What kind of entrepreneurial things can you do with a CFA?

I mean, f*ck working for a wage.

You don’t need any degree or certification to become an entrepreneur.

That wasn’t my question. I asked what kind of entrepreneurial things you could do with a CFA charter specifically that you could not or would have a more difficult time doing without the charter.

besides cfa would be overkill to be an entrepreneur. You’d prolly only want the cfa to get past the screenchecks for high wage finance positions (mostly only finance people know it). But you could set up a PWM shop and use it to get approved by clients. But having a CFA is not a dealbreaker as much as being liked, trusted, and have similar traits to your clients. So cfa would be overkill again. Instituitions though will love you. so again high wage.

if you want to combine CFA charter with entrepreneur, then you got to do things where you think the CFA branding will help you. That basically comes to a few things like private wealth mgmt, or it could give you credibility as a insurance products salesman. Look at AXA or other “financial advisor” roles

Break Bad then open a financially sound carwash.

It may help you get clutch financing, but das bout it. Most entreprenuers go get it and don’t bother asking for permission.

how does one set up a PWM shop without any experience

It’s actually very easy to set up your own shop. The hard part is gathering assets once you’re set up.

Open up your own independent equity research shop

If your research is good enough, it could gain traction

It’s harder today than in any other era. Stories like Madoff get plastered all over the news. It becomes national news.

hmm you could try being born rich. it helps gather assets faster. :slight_smile:

And to lose it just as quick.