What kind of IB position is this?

„X Managing execution of day-to-day activities surrounding ‘live’ transactions „X Partnering with client executives and product specialists to develop innovative client solutions „X Modeling and performing financial analysis to make strategic recommendations „X Conducting industry and product research and synthesizing key insights X Leading development and preparation of client presentation materials My friend got an interview in IB and the job description is the above. What division is the position likely to be in? They told him it is a corporate finance position though.

Yeah. That is plain-vanilla corporate finance. The actual name of the division varies firm-by-firm, but could be simply “Investment Banking Division”, “Corporate Finance”, or “Global Corporate and Investment Banking” etc. etc. He’ll be able to call himself an Investment Banking analyst.

yep, agree with Etienne

IB analyst - no question. that’s about as generic a IB job description as you can get.

is that what the card says? “Mrs Bambi, CFA”