What magazines do you read?


Just curiously,

What kind of magazines do you read?

Because I don’t have any true knowledge about what the world is going through and real thing beyond the

bompast, I make up my mind to hit some useful and truth (economic, financial, business, or political whatever)


Could you recommend some magazines that you have subscribed to me?

Any comment on that will be good to me.

(I heared that THE ECONOMIST is one of the “must-read” top notch magazines compared with other things

How about TIMES, BUSINESS WEEK, or any other materials?)

Thanks !!

I subscribe to my local paper and the WSJ. (Actually, I get it delivered to my iPad for free. I cancelled my subscription years ago, but they still keep delivering it to me. Cool!)

I also read the USA Today, which anybody can read for free on an iPad.

I also subscribe to Money, Kiplingers, the Economist, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Being a CPA and a CFA Charterholder, I get some trade publications (CFA Magazine, FAJ, Journal of Accountancy, Tax Adviser).

GAMES, Bridge World.

The Economist is good, albeit increasingly left leaning.

Geo I remember last month you were being full-on Canadian socialist in some thread, and now you’re slamming the Economist for being too left-leaning? You’re an enigmatic fellow…

And by left-leaning, do you mean Democrat/socialist or do you mean libertarian? (Seems more the latter, IMHO.)

I used to read economist .


Benchpressers Weekly


the usual

Facts tend to have a liberal bias

maxim, gq, economist, cigar afficionado

I’m pretty right wing, by Canadian standards. I have always voted Conservative. Perhaps by US standards I wouldn’t be right wing, but I’m still more fundamentally aligned with the GOP than the Democrats (though I share views with both). I’m hawkish on foreign policy and believe strongly in an individual’s rights and freedoms. I just also believe there is utility in helping those that may not have the same opportunities as I have had through strong schools and medical care (particularly for children). At the same time, I think free markets are the best way to allocate resources and I’m happy for those that earn big salaries. Importantly, I don’t view inequality of outcomes as inherently evil, something that the Economist increasingly advances as a view. I think inequality of opportunity is a grave injustice, but if folks have an equal shot, I think meritocracy should allocate the spoils of capitalism. So yes, perhaps that’s a bit enigmatic in today’s hyper partisan world. :slight_smile:

I think socialist. I’m frustrated with all the inequality claptrap lately.

The Economist is pro free economy. For instance, they have written against such topics as unionization, bank regulation, or rules that prevent labor mobility and protect small businesses in Greece or Spain.

However, as a Euro-centric publication, their articles are more culturally liberal than most US people. They often advocate environmental policy and support progressive ideas such as gay rights. However, I have a feeling that the magazine is still not as left leaning as most Europeans in terms of social issues.

Overall, it is still a good magazine and is more worthwhile to read than most other magazines. For a magazine whose job board lists such positions as university president, IMF director and CEO, they are also generally able to avoid the snooty impression of some other magazines (i.e. the New Yorker).

The main issue I have is that their magazine has too much content and thus, I usually only read their headline articles and a few more that I find to be most interesting.

who reads consumer reports. anyone anypone? i hear its mostly old ppl nowadays. but im kinda interested.

I had an online subscription a few years back but gave up on them because their reviews seemed far less reliable than oline reviews on Amazon, etc…

Well, we have to end apartheid for one. And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger. We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless, and oppose racial discrimination and promote civil rights, while also promoting equal rights for women. We have to encourage a return to traditional moral values. Most importantly, we have to promote general social concern and less materialism in young people.

What about Sri Lanka???

FT, Wired.

Aren’t there like a bunch of Sikhs over there killing a bunch of Israelis or something?

Hey! A fellow Bridge enthusiast.

What do you think of Goren’s book? I read most of it but it has way too many prescriptions to remember at the drop of a hat when actually playing a hand.

This week I am planing to read Bridge for Dummies by Ed Cantar.