What Material You Starting With?

I got CFAI and the Schweser essential package. My plan was to read all the CFAI books then go through Schweser’s stuff. But as I’m reading CFAI, it is so long I dont know if I will have enough time to make it through and then do Schweser. It is very tempting to just do Schweser. What are you guys doing? How are you guys starting? Any comment is appreciated.

I found I had a similar experience. I have a Biology degree so a lot of the material is new, tho i had taken some quant/probability and 1 Econ class. Most people here say you’ll be fine with Schweser if you’ve taken a business type degree before and if not, to use CFAI texts. Personally I found the CFAI texts too wordy and full of too much detail for the first read through. The Schweser notes give you the main ideas whereas I felt totally overwhelmed by the details in the CFAI text. I feel that for my own learning that Schweser will give me a good introduction to the material and after learning the basic concepts via Schweser, that CFAI text will reinforce and fill in the details. Personally, I’d also recommend starting with Quant. for study materials because it’s a required stepping stone for many of the calculations in further Study Sessions.

Thanks iamsmrt. I started quant and will do FSA next since everyone on this forum seems to be wishing they had more time for it before the Dec 07 exam. I’m going to finish the quant and FSA in CFAI and maybe Schweser for the rest. We’ll see.