What mock to take next?

I’ve done CFAI mocks, Schweser practice exams, Mark mocks, 2017 AM, 2016 AM, and 2015 AM.

I’m saving the rest of real AM exams for the last week of studying. Meanwhile, should I go with FinQuiz, Konvexity, or IFT?


I’m running out of mocks in a few weeks…do you guys think it’s worth it to re-do the mocks that I have already done?

PM 125mph; at last count he had about 6,000 of them that he has already taken, with about another 12,000 to go.

I’m in the same boat here. I figure I’ll have exhausted my mocks in the next week or two. I’ll prob go with Konvexity on the recommendation of 125mph - the mock machine.

Gosh, you guys are way ahead of me. How is Mark Meldrum’s mock by the way?

They’re solid. There’s another thread here about them specifically, but the common theme seems to be that they are challenging, well written and closely resemble the feel of the real thing. Can’t beat the price either.

I’m just finishing up the CFA 2015 actual AM and Mark’s exam’s are definitely harder - not that that’s a bad thing. I said on the other thread that you’d rather that than the other way around.

Maybe I’m finding the actual exams easier because of Mark’s exams? Hmmm…

Definitely you should do as many CFA exams as possible and Mark’s exams too!! For me Marks exams were okay. I also had a grading session which helped me a lot.

Not following other Marc’s advice of doing everything 5x lol…I figure if you can do it 5x you’d have no time to do other mocks. Or even have a life lol. O.O

Guys would you be able to rank the best 3rd party providors mocks from best to worst with exception to CFAI mocks.

So far I’ve only done 3 Schweser mocks and I found them to be good for review.

Deep 3



that’s just my experience. I didn’t use any other prep.

LevelUp doesn’t provide you with his own mocks only previous CFA mocks. Have you done the schweser ones?

By far the best 3rd party mocks that I have done. Questions are extremely clear yet difficult and challenging.

Also, the explanations which an answer is correct/not correct is top notch compared to Schweser etc.

Ive done CFA past exams from 2011 until 2018, them all 4 Schweser mocks, and today I did the AM section of Mark mock #1 and I got my ass kicked! It was extremely more difficult than the exams from 2011 until 2018! I score about 70% on the past CFA exams available online, and about 75% on the Schweser exams, but in the AM part of mock #1 of Mark I scored only 50%! Im enjoying them so far because they cover things that the CFA EOC questions, the past exams and the Schweser material didnt cover (they really got in the little thinks), but Im praying to them not be near the difficult of the actual exam.

Bought Konvexity yesterday and after doing just a few questions i threw it away. Found the wording confusing* and the english to be bad. I will probably try them later on, but for now, ill focus on CFAI and MM exams.

*Please note that my feedback on Konvexity AM exams are based on just a small sample and may not be representative for the remaining parts :slight_smile:

Two questions:

  1. I have done the official AM exams going back to 2013, would you go further back or would you redo the ones i have already done?

  2. Would you say that Topic Tests are sufficient preparation for PM or would you go for some additional material

I think you can go further back. I did the mocks starting from 2008 and they were quite relevant to the current curriculum.

Also, here is the link for a website which lists the relevance:



This one covers changes from 2018-2019 https://ift.world/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Level-III-Essay-Questions-Relevancy-for-2019-update2.pdf

where do you find past CFA exams from 2011 until 2018?

Did anyone try Finquiz essay mocks? Are they good for prep?