What next??

I have taken level one, (I’ll probably be taking it over in December) What do you think are the best skills for a job seeker with 1 year of experience. I’m trying to build my resume and I was thinking about spending my time studying for the GMAT, or maybe signing up for an excel course. With such little experience and knowledge, what do you think an employer would like to see on an appplicants resume. I amd thinking along the lines of a buy side analyst.

gmat is not going to help you with a job. if anything i think it would hurt you if you put it on your resume because the employer may be thinking you’re gonna jump ship pretty quickly. excel skills are definitely valuable. i’m actually taking a modeling course myself right now.

agreed. For a second I thought you said you were MAKING a modeling course right now and was so impressed. Are you doing WSP?

yeah wsp. i just started and have only completed a few hours of it but it seems like it will teach me a lot.

All these additional programs and designations and certificates are racking up more of my credit card debt than tuition! CFA, GMAT, WSP, CSC, … arrrghhhhhh!!! I’m doing these to MAKE more money later, but will be broke to even get there before I even get a chance!!!

Hello all, I spent the past 2.5yrs working for a prominent IB in their Atlanta regional office. As part of a widely publicized merger, my position along with a majority of my colleagues, bosses, etc. were all laid off. Now I am trying to find something in the buy-side analyst realm and think that a little extra skill with Excel modeling would help to increase my marketability. Can anyone who’s taken the WSP Excel courses tell me if they recommend doing the Premium v. Basic package. It looks like its about $500 v. $200, respectively. Also, what is the best way/place to notate this on a resume? Finally, I just assume that most people take the self-study courses but please correct me if I am wrong and there is actually some designation or test you have to sit for.

I’m taking the courses right now and the basic package shows you how to create an earnings forecast model. The book is approximately 150 pages. The Premium package adds on top of that valuation modeling (LBO, DCF, M&A, comparable company/transaction models). This extra book is 350 pages. So obviously the Premium package adds a good amount of stuff on top of the basic. To get a 15% discount, type in discount code REF11033 when you’re checking out. WSP provides an exam at the end which provides a modeling certification. Since I don’t have any experience in modeling at work, I wll probably have 2 lines explaining what WSP is and what I learned. Hope this helps

Hey Guys, I was interested in taking some financial modelling courses. Where are you guys taking them ?

Does Wall Street Prep (WSP) have classroom courses and is it recognized widely??

Nevermind just figured out what WSP is

I always felt deal maven seemed a little more comprehensive. Anyhow, does WSP cover the statement of cash flows? I know it covers debt repayment schedules, IS and BS of course, but they don’t have any sample SCF on the website.

So I learned that one earns the right to use WSP’s designation once all training and testing is complete. My question is, does this designation hold any weight with employers? Wall Street knows that a CFA charterholder is worth his salt…but in what esteeem is WSP held?

Gouman, Yes, in the earnings forecast model, there are tabs for IS, BS, CF, WC, Depr., other BS items, Shareholder’s Equity, Shares out, and D&I. I’m pretty new to modeling so I haven’t touched the other models yet. Spartanag07, I highly doubt the designation carries much weight. i think some people will know what it is and some won’t. my friend at ubs told me he recommended wsp as well, so he knew. there’s no substitute for experience like making models for a living 8+ hours a day vs. taking a 100-150 hour prep course. i’m using this course to learn modeling cause i dont have the experience.

rockstar, can’t agree more with you on that…