What NOT TO DO from now until exam...

Staying up all night before the exam obvisously…

What else? Lets share some tips.

What time should you stop reviewing and close all the books?

You never stop reviewing and close the books. not even while taking the exam

Don’t start watching Game of Thrones

Cut off your writing hand in a lawn mowing accident.

Don’t start playing Witcher 3.

Don’t scan WSOP.com for all the latest and greatest updates for the 2015 World Series of Poker. Not sure why the series had to start the week before the exam but it did.

Watch NHL/ NBA finals… not sure who chose the first weekend in June, obviously not a hockey nor basketball fan

I actually passed level 2 after getting only 3 hours of sleep. I just couldn’t sleep. Adrenaline carried me.

Failed this, but my studying has not been affected.

I went into EB games hoping to buy the Wii U gamecube adapter, but instead bought Witcher 3 for xbone.

Luckily I gave my buddy the power cord to my xbox three weeks ago to prevent temptation.

speaking of which, don’t binge on Friday on some exotic foreign food…

why do you think i buy diapers even though i don’t have kids



Don’t cram on Friday

I have allocated one extra hour on Saturday morning for a nervous bowel explosion at home and when I get to the test center.

Take good rest until the exam now. No physical strain.

I got terrible upper back pain. (perhaps due to fatigue). It got so bad today that I had to go to a doctor and he gave medication for muscle relaxation, but the medicine is drowsy. I will take only at night and avoid on Friday night.

Don’t do anything that challenges you physically. Specially take care of your writing hand. :slight_smile:



so fap with the other hand if you must

no fapping. period.

You never fail to make me laugh.

Heavy drink…

If your doc gave you a muscle relaxer be careful with those things. I once slept for 18 hours after I took one. It might as well be an elephant tranquilizer.