what numbers are missing from the investment survey in order to understand why the stock price of Citigroup crashed?

Hi everyone, I am sure that many of you read the investment surveys from Value Line (or from other sources). Those surveys have all sorts of numbers on a company, including earnings per share, book value per share, plus many more. I have the investment survey of Citigroup before me, and I am wondering if I can use it to understand and explain why its stock price crashed. For example, can I get a sense of how much leverage Citigroup is using, is there a number/statistic for that? Also can I get a sense of the quality and quantity of C’s loans? If it is not possible to get those numbers from an investment survey, I would like to know what publicly available numbers can help me understand what happened to the stock price of C. Thanks in advance for the help.

Trying to push this post up a notch. I was thinking that the debt rating of the bank of interest would provide info not available in the investiment survey. But I am not too sure how to get an idea of the leverage the company is using. If I compute liability/assets, I do not get an idea of the leverage, do I? Any thoughts will be much appreciated.