What % of the material was tested in 2010-2014 AM ?

Hi guys,

What is your estimate of the breadth ?

In other words, do you believe that said previous exams are a good preparation for the actual AM in 4 days ?


it’s always 50% in the morning an 50% in the afternoon

Txs but that it not what I meant.

What I want to know is how much of each topic was tested between 2010 and 2014.

So for example, it could be that most Economics material was tested. Therefore, say, 80 % of economics was tested.

But then it could be that SWAPS were hardly tested at all. Therefore Derivatives has, say, only 20 % of its testable material that was tested.

See what I mean ?

You shouldn’t think of it that way. Anything is the text is fair game.

Just use the stated weights per focus area as your primary guide…

Dude, sorry but I have to disrespectfully disagree with that statement.

I might be wrong, but I think that this is a myth.

If the last 5 years AM papers are any guide, the same topics cover like 60 % of any given section consistently.

Sure, anything can pop up on an exam, but the 70 % core is way more important than the rest, IMO.

  • There is a 100% chance that you are going to see Individual, Institutional, Fixed Income, Economics and Risk Managment based on 2010-2014 Past AM papers. (Based on probabilites, past exams)
  • There is a 60% chance you are going to see Equities, Asset Allocation, Trading, Monitoring and Rebalancing, and Performance Evaluation.
  • Alternative Investments haven’t been tested in AM paper in Long time, you might look into that too.
  • There is a chance you might see GIPS in AM paper, especially Ethics since weights have changed this year to 10-15% from 10%.
  • At the end its a fair game, you will never know what exactly you are going to see in the morning given different topics, You might see Individual/Institutional on both papers.
  • At the end at least you are going to have an idea what to expect, but never try to game the test
  • Good Luck on June 6th
  • Baesd on Weights on the last 5years,
  • Individual is the highest with 28% (Including BF), and
  • Insititutional the 2nd with 17%.
  • The second Tier 11% was fairly across Economics, Fixed Income, Trading& Monitoring and Reblalancing
  • Equity & Risk Managmet were 10%
  • Asset Allocation 9%
  • Performance Evaluation 8%

Again, this is not indication what to expect in 2015 AM exam…

I agree but what I mean to say is that within,say, economics, the questions tend to repeat themselves. Same for rebalancing, etc.

What is a good, short answer to number 4?