What order to study Topics/Sessions/Readings for CFA Level 3?

For Level 3, I have opted to just use the CFAI materials, questions, and online Q-bank (per advise of many folks on this forum). So my question is which order should I tackle the topics/readings? For levels 1 & 2, I used Kaplan and they recommended doing Ethics last. Does it make sense to start with Portfolio Management first or do the topics sort of build on each other, so it makes sense to do PM last (or second to last)? Here’s the order I am thinking (but I welcome any feedback):

Economics --> Equity Investments --> Fixed Income --> Derivatives --> Alt. Assets --> Portfolio Management --> Ethics

Interested in how others are tackling this, thanks!

I’d suggest starting with Fixed Income and Equity. Heavily weighted areas - at least FI - and takes a while to get your head around some of the concepts. Keep circling back to keep both fresh as you move on to other topics.

Okay, thanks! Save portfolio management for last then (bc that’s weighted heavily as well)?

Yer, I would say start with FI and Equity as well. There are no topics you can scan over, you need to know everything inside out but I would say getting a good grip on portfolio management early is also worth doing. In my view you want to be starting exam/question practice early in 2020 so try and get one read through of the syllabus by early next year and then crack on with practicing.

Okay, thanks!