What percentage do most people get on the AM section?

Just curious where I should be landing with my mock exams for the morning? what is typical?

Too many moving pieces to accurately assess this. It’s one thing in L1 and L2 when your mock scores are not up for debate, but we’re grading ourselves here. Even if you try to be ultra conservative who knows what the graders will truly decide when it comes to zero credit or partial credit.

The thing I’ve heard the most is “survive the AM and crush the PM”. I personally find this strategy too risky.

If you want a specific number… target 70 as always. Of if you feel more confident in the PM, get a 60 in the AM and an 80 in the afternoon just to be safe. (See how insane this all sounds?)

Aim for 100/100 IMO.

also realize that different questions in the AM contribute differently to the % score as you call it…

aim for 51-70 on the IPS questions and at least a couple of 70+ scores elsewhere…

and cross all your fingers and toes … that the rest hangs together for a Pass.