what percentage of banking/finance workers are actually investment professionals?

5-10% ??

JPMorgan has ~200,000 employees world wide and while all can claim claim they work in “banking”… im guessing its a very small number of people that actually produce revenue…

Are you basically asking the ratio of people for FO vs BO ?

thats a start… but even in front office some people are not really “analysts”… my experience with people on the commercial side of HF/PE sales is that the job is all about relationships/marketing… not financial analysis, same could be said about some superisory roles

hahaha, it’s interesting that you commented earlier about people you don’t think produce revenue and then mention that sales is not anaytical as if high quality analysis actually drives revenue. Companies only exist because they derive revenue through sales, when you consider that, an analyst is really only a cost to a firm as they are not directly closing deals themselves. Also when you look at how often most analysts are actually wrong or underperform their benchmarks its questionable whether that function is really important or credible at all. Considering that it appears that the only real value FO analysts add to a firm is in their ability to support the sales process.

In terms of driving revenue marketing and relationship management is far more important then having guys who build spreadsheets and writes reports all day, because without the relationships or deals in the pipeline an analyst would have no one to pitch their ideas to, no assets to manage or to trade.