What pisses me off...

Is how CFAi will frequently test something that is literally ONE SENTENCE in the req’d readings and sometimes not even mentioned in Schweser. Simply, not fair. After my score on mock 1, I feel like no matter how much I read I’m still fuct. A huge element of luck is needed for me to pass…

Amen, my brother. My wife asked my what am I missing on the practice exams. I said it could be one line, such as missing an element of good corporate policies, and that is enough to answer the question incorrectly. So often, the calculation questions are no sweat, but the qualitative questions kick my arse.

My point exactly. Let me calculate stuff and I’ll be fine. The qualitative questions make me sweat like a fat man on the stairs of the Empire State Building.

And are we supposed to remember every line in cfa with all that information given???

No, just the lines they’ll ask for next Saturday…

even if you read CFAI solely, are you going to remember one line that way?? and when you depend only on CFAI, you might have read the stuff 2.5 months ago.

sad but true mcpass…

did you use cfa textbook or schweser?

honestly ! i can kill any equation but i get my ass hadned to me when i have to memorize ish like corporate governanance or the billion different fixed income security character istics 1luv

IS this the mock exam with ECON in it? Apparently mock 1 and mock 2 are not given in order sometimes. I guess I’ll find out in about 5 minutes.

You know what they say about getting p*ssed off, its better than getting p*ssed on.

cfai will piss on me this satruday

CFAi = R Kelly Aladak = 14 yr old girl


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Wow this thread has turned down a dark corner. I’m heading back over to swaps.