What qualification(s) would complement the CFA charter?

In light of a recent business insider article that said future finance industry compensation will be to increasingly technology related job functions and quant analytics, I would like to ask a pertinent question. What other qualification(s) among the likes of data science qualifications, law & field specific qualifications that are related to the sector you follow (ex:- engineering) that would most complement the CFA Charter in the coming 5 to 10 years.

In other words, what other qualification(s) would a CFA Charterholder best have in the year 2028 business environment.

Plumber license, or a chain of landscaping businesses.

This is the value of the CFA charter…In other words, don’t pursue CFA.

https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/plumber/salary Meh.

according to the latest cfa survey i received from nyssa, around 25% work in the field of audit, tax, reporting, FP&A…and 30% are financial advisors or “client portfolio managers” aka financial advisor. The rest are research, consulting, performance analyst (ops), account manager (sales)…Basically all over the “finance” industry.

It’s funny our back office guys introduce themselves as the finance guys…No, dude you’re in accounting or reporting…I’ll give you an extreme example to drill this in, a janitor at Goldman is not in the finance industry just because his paycheck comes from Goldman Holdings.

So, to the OP, if you want CFA goes with everything else whether it is CPA, CFP, CLU, MBA, MS, you name it…

common sense.

You quoted yourself in your signature?

Top tier mba or plumbers license