What’s with all the liquor delivery services lately?

So much junk mail… same 1 Word, forgettable, attempting to be cute name. $10 off first, sometimes second delivery. Most of which goes towards tip. Do people actually use these?

I don’t know about liquor ads. However, for some reason, the GMail app, under the “Promotions” section, persistently shows me a banner for “Want Matures”, which is a mature dating service. It’s apparently based on my email contents, so I don’t know what they are using to form this recommendation.

I don’t want the liquor bro at my door, I want Mr. Nice Guy…

I been getting the liquor ads in my mailbox, like actual fliers. On my internet recommended ads, I seem to get mostly luxury/exotic cars.

Looks like the paper ads have more reliable algorithm as compared to googs.

the fees + tips are outrageous. amazon will own this market soon

Agreed, I signed up for one and there was no way to justify the cost of delivery even with the coupon.

Aws subsidizing their world domination.