What scores should I aim for on the schweser practice tests to pass?

Took a Schweser test (Morning session of test 1) and recieved an 82/120. Is this good enough to pass at this point? What should I aim for on these tests? Aim I on track, with 3 months left?

That’s good, you want >70%. But you have plenty of time to get above 70.


DOnt get frustrated if you dont, i got only >70% in 2 mocks out of 7

what (on avg) did you get on the other mocks? I’m trying to think if I need to change my strategy as I’m only getting 55-60 on the kaplan quizzes and the elan questions

I was getting from 60% to 63% But then I changed my strategy. I kept doing the exam in the same order but i left FRA until the end. I improved drastically to start averaging 65% to 72%. I really recommend trying this because you will enter your weakest topic (at least for me it was) with more time and more confidence. I also did even better when in FRA after doing this.

thanks! i haven’t done an exam yet though as I haven’t gotten through the material completely. What was your strategy in getting through the material?

I finished first of April…Then Took all april to do qbank questions and where I was weak I would review the material. I wouldnt recommend taking 4 weeks to do this maybe 3 is better…Depends on how many gaps you could have. This is where my real learning happened because after I finished reading the material I couldnt recall many many many things. But doing 2000+ practice problems in 1 months and reviewing ECON/FRA/ETHICS is where the real learning took place.