What scores should we be getting at this stage?

OK so I’ve done all the reading etc, and practiced a bit on QBank. I’ve done the CFA sample mock at got around 58%, just did a Schweser one and got 63%. What sort of scores should we be hitting now? Obviously I am going to go back over the topics I struggled with, but is there a ball-park level in terms of scores we should be hitting now?

70-75 percent on exam day basically guarantees a pass. Also keep the ethics adjustment in mind…it may just tip you over to a pass when other sections aren’t going too well!

most exams are standardized like college exams (my theory) so if most people get 80% then that becomes the A so 70% should be the B and 60% is the C. What do you guys think?

It’s not graded on a curve. There is a minimum passing score they set that is unique to each exam given. You can read more about the process on the CFA website.

What’s this ethics adjustment?

Go to Frequently Asked Questions > Grading and Results > What is the “ethics adjustment”?