What section to take on first?

I believe everyone has their strong and weak points.

In the exam, I am planning to take on the sections which I am strong at and toward to weakest section.

Do you guys reckon this is a good idea rather than following the weighted marks orders? (Say FRA - Ethics - Quants blah blah)

As I am reading FRA - my weakest section, I get easily discouraged and going nowhere…

Please share some exam strategies!

Thank you in advance

That’s the advice I always give to my candidates.

Here’s how I tell students to approach the exam

Work through your areas from strongest to waakest (more on this in a minute)

  • Mark each as you go
  • if you know it cold, answer it and move on.
  • If you can eliminate one of the three, do so, mark A/B next to the question, and GUESS ONE. (you can always change it later).
  • If you can’t eliminate any, GUESS and mark it NFC (No F**KING CLUE).
  • Keep a rough tally of how many in each category.

If you do this, you’ll likely find yourself looking up after the first hour and find you’ve answered more than half. That lets you unstress a bit (and stress is the mind-killer). Moreover, you’re more likely to get the points you know cold WHEN YOU’RE FRESH. There’s nothing worse than getting to one of the areas you’re strong on and having to rush because fo poor time management.

If you have time, you can go back and revisit the ones you’ve guessed on. If you’re time constrained, this approach makes it more likely that you’ll be guessing on the areas that you’re weak already, so there’s less lost there. Better this than having to rush through the material you should be picking up points on.

But it’s key that you take a quick check after each section to make sure you’ve put answers in the right sections.