What sections appear mostly in AM

Hi all

I plan to memorize some contents to prepare better for AM. So, from your experiences/opinion, which sections do you think will come up mostly in AM and we need to learn by heart?

Among of which are:

-Individual and institutional investors

-Economics/capital market expectation

-Some of equity

Feel free to add.

Risk management

Asset allocation


Fixed income

Expect anything to come in the AM paper except for Ethics and GIPS (both show up in the PM)…

I would say Individual and Instituttional you are definitely going to see them in the morning, the downplay every year with topics you can see the trends in the past AM morning questions but those are not indicative of what you are going to see excatly on Exam day… (You might get between 10-15 questions in the AM) with 13 Questions in the last two years.

I would add too:

Performance Evaluation

Individual/Behavioral Finance

Alternative Investments

Risk Managment application of Derivatives

Portfolio Attribution

Start from 2015: Ethics