What shd I do more?

Failed June 08 with ethics falling in below 50 bracket while rest were above 70. Re-appearing in Dec 08 with little bit more practice in Ethics but still unsure about it. I scored 78% in Q bank. Some how unable to surpass 80% probably language issues. What shd I do more, can’t get the strong feeling about it. Can’t afford to fail this time. Any suggestions.

Maybe more practice? I would think thats the only way to gain more confidence.

I’m not sure about the language issues. I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the English language and I have trouble understanding the nuances they are trying to c0mmunicate on some of these questions. (btw - what is your native language? geronimo spoke Apache, I guess, but it’s hard to believe there are many Apaches who claim a language barrier now. Last Apache I met was a ski bum/bartender in Arizona who didn’t seem to have much language trouble) Anyway, there really are only a fairly small set of problems that keep showing up with some pretty basic principles. You just need to keep doing these problems until you recognize “Oh yeah, this is the due diligence vs MNPI type question and to resolve that I need to [blah]”

you got abot a 70 is all sections and failed ethics and didnt pass?

Correction plz, my apologies. Not all but FSA, CF, AI, Quant, PM above 70 Fixed Income and Equity above 50 Ethics less than 50 Band 10

geranimo: my advice is to do the CFAi end of chapter ethics questions. also, do the free 49 question ethics exam on the CFAi site - review the wrong answers and know why you got them wrong. http://www.cfainstitute.org/centre/codes/ethics/self_exam.html

what are those CE credits you receive after doing that test?

How come they don’t show the answer after the test?