What should be my next step?

Hello everyone, New to this board, as I came across it when looking for some CFA resources. A little background on myself: 21 years old, senior in college (will graduate next fall), pursuing a finance degree. I switched majors late (hence the extra semester), so I am really still trying to narrow down exactly what I want to do for a career in finance. I should graduate with a reasonable GPA (~3.4), and I am currently in the first semester of a 2 semester internship at Wachovia Securities (brokerage side). It is not really the line of work I want to do (adviser), but it was a good opportunity and is something to put on my resume. Other than the internship, I hold an officer position (treasurer currently, next semester president most likely) in the FMA (financial management association) at my school, and am part of the newly formed student-run investment fund. So there is my background - right now I am getting interested in equity analysis/research, as whenever I read analyst reports I can see myself being the one writing them. It seems like a cool job, one that is both challenging and rewarding. So here come some questions I have for all of you with experience: 1. Should I start studying for my CFA Level 1? I figure I can attempt the exam December 08, so that is a possibility for me. I was planning on doing an honors thesis at school so I graduate with honors in finance, but as this takes two semesters and a LOT of time, I can only do one or the other (CFA or honors thesis). Suggestions? 2. Where are some places I should look for a summer internship related to equity analysis/research. I am located in CT, so I know there are a lot of resources around me, whether it be Stamford/Greenwich area, or even NYC. 3. I picked up a couple books on modeling, one from Damodaran and one from Benninga. I know there is a wide debate on this board (from reading many threads) on the emphasis on financial modeling, but I figured I should get some sort of knowledge before graduating. Good move, or would you recommend a different resource? 4. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to go for a MBA right away, or to wait a few years after I get a job, to see where I am and potentially have my employer pay for it. Experiences/suggestions on this topic as well, for my case? The university I attend is unknown, so I figured that a MBA from a top20 B-school could help my cause. I think that’s about it for now. I look forward to any answers/insight anyone can provide. Thanks in advance.

1- Do the CFA Level I June 2008. You have no excuses to postpone it any later. With a Finance degree, Level I is a semi-piece of cake. 2- www.efinancialcareers.com 3- Damodaran is good, learn the major concepts and most important, learn how money moves around in a Income statement, Cash Flow statement, Balance Sheet and Retained Earnings report (you WILL be asked about it in interviews). 4- NEVER, EVER, do a MBA right outta college. Worst recipe for disaster ever.