What should be the graduate degree?

I’ve planned to do cfa in the future

i’d like to know if i should in get an economics(hons) degree

would that help in cfa curriculum or should i opt for a bcom degree

Bcomm in finance is the closest to the material in the curriculum

Medicine degree is the closest to become BSD status.


how did she manage to do it?

im asking if an economics hons student could do it or not, for it also includes economics in the curriculum.

MBA in finance would surely help, right?

get a job

You are from India. Why not B.Sc. Eco and Finance?

By the way any bachelor’s degree in commerce or finance or economics only contributes in understanding the CFA material better and, therefore, may lead to some time saving but to clear all the levels of CFA you need much more than the basic knowledge and skill acquired in these degrees. On AF you will find many clearing their all levels in first attempt without any finance UG degree while equal number, if not more, failing with the best finance degree in their pocket. As long as you can some good expertise in quant and eco/finance/accounting fundamentals you should be ok to carry out your ‘plan’.

Probably, as igor55 said above the relevant work experience in investment field is not only much more supportive in passing all the levels but also setting you on the right career path than your UG degree in any field.


I’m due to sit Level 1 in December so take what I have to say with a pinch of salt as I’ve obviously not done the whole process yet.

It is my opinion that the CFA will be a LOT easier and take you less time to learn if you’ve studied accounting and finance before because instead of having to learn concepts from scratch, there will be a lot of revision for you.

So if you know that you want to work in finance and do the CFA, why would you NOT go for a relevant degree?

I’ve had Accounting in my high school and I am looking forward to graduate in economics.

im taking it like this that i’d miss out on economics, if not accounting, when I shall take accounting at the graduate level.

Accounting will help a lot for L2.