What Should I do, CFAI Samples Scores 66,56,63 !!!!

I feel very frustrated , don’t know what to do next ? after well preparing during the last 8 months and with answering all the CFAI end of chapters Questions and Over 2000 Q in Qbank with score over 75% and answering Schwser book 6 with over 70% , i was thinking that i was going to fuck that easy sample test, it looks like easy but i have got alooooooot of answers wrong, i was expecting an easy pass over 70, but three consecutive fails is very bad feeling, really i cant concentrate any more, Tell me what shall i do in the next couple of Days !!!

Relax, go over weak areas, refresh formulas in you mind. Take it easy, clear your mind a bit.

how are you doing on the key areas FSA, EQUITY and ETHICS?

Secret Sauce

use tomorrow for FSA, EQUITY and ETHICS…the main areas… make sure you rela and sleep on friday…

I got 63%, 60% and 53% two weeks ago. I had forgotten ALOT of the stuff I studied early on , much like you. Reread all of the schweser books, starting with the areas you are weakest. I did that in 3 days and scored a 76% average on the CFAI Mock AM/PM yesterday. 12hrs Thursday/Friday should get you there.

Cross your fingers and have a bottle waiting…

guilleku1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how are you doing on the key areas FSA, EQUITY and > ETHICS? well for FSA, Equity and Ethics are above 70, but fixed income and Derv is below 70, :frowning:

well, I’d say you have a pretty good shot… nail derivatives and fixed income which is definitely doable in one day…make those 100% for exam day

i hope so