What should I do??

So I had a bunch of people over this weekend and they stayed a couple of nights. We got tanked and late nighted both nights… All my buddies know to stay away from my CFA materials when there at my place drinking, BUT… My friend has a new girl friend who was sitting at my desk playing around on iTunes, while she was doing so she spilled her dietcoke-and-rum all over my Level II Ethics/Quant/Econ book and all over my Level I & II note cards. She half assed cleaned it up and didn’t tell me about it. Come to find out this morning before work when i grabbed my study stuff to take with me, my book is sticky and wrinkly and my hundreds of note cards are all brown and gross. Should I: A) Find her and euthanize her immediately B) Find him and make him be the one to put her down “Old Yeller style” C) Other. (If other please specify) Your thoughts?

A) Find her and euthanize her immediately No need to pu$$y foot and tell on her to your bud. I don’t know what you could swing out of this, perhaps some monetary compensation for your pain and suffering as well as to replace your book(s).

Hahaha, its really not that big of a deal… It was an accident, so I’m probably leaving it at that, but i might jokingly make her feel bad for a while. You know, haze the new girlfriend haha jk. I just wanted to share the annoyingly awesome story that was my weekend. And on top of it all, because i was entertaining everyone i didn’t get to finish Quant like i wanted…damn!