What should I reply?

My boss bought a fancy BMW today.

I sent a congratulatory mail for which he reverted, If you keep focussed on your goals i can buy many more cars like this.

It is an honor to be of service, wanker.

Where are the customer’s BMW’s?

You’re welcome fckface.

“If you continue to call statements like this ‘management’ your car will probably be re-possessed.”

^ Oh thats good

Ask him if he’s seen Ferris Bueller

Tell him that you hope to get a BMW when you are old like him.

You should laugh at his joke. You can do his daughter (or wife) later.

At this rate I’ll put you in a Gulfstream in no time.

Send him a picture of a sad clown or possibly Nicholas Cage “not the bees”.

Lighten up folks. Crappy joke on his part for sure, but you deserved it by congratulating somebody for buying a car. Buying overpriced transportation is not an accomplishment or a milestone. And if your boss thinks it is, a letter of sympathy is probably more appropriate.

Doesn’t a BMW cost like $200,000 in Singapore?

Including one for me, boss!

I guess the problem was to make much out of a BMW and send him an email. If anything, a “nice car” comment would have been enough, provided it is at least a 5 series.

Edit: no idea BMWs cost that much in Singapore. Then the boss is just a d-bag.

Wow, it’s probably even more than that. For instance, $335i convertible costs $260,000, according to this article. So, a base 5 Series is probably around the same.


Well, he is in late 30’s. He got a knack of licking right peoples balls at right time and is also a smart guy. Thats a kind of combo.

So i thought he was in good spirits today, and tossed the request for my vacation plans. For that he says " the lives of people in the banking industry are at stake and how can you ask for a vacation". Felt like going to the parking lot and deflate the freaking tyre!!

^ Do you work in security, like Blackwater or something? The quotes this guy is throwing out are like something from Horrible Bosses.