What should I start studying now, for December L1?

I’m planning to take the test in December and I really need to get started. I don’t think any official materials or study guides are available for December yet right? I have time to study at work but I can’t sit at my desk reading a book. I can however, use software or read material on my PC. I’m not at the point where I can just do questions, I need to cover the material. What should I start studying at this point and is there a digital version available?

7 months… wow you will be burnt out by the end of the summer. i would start at the beginning of whatever notes you use - Elan, Schweser, Stalla. there are digital versions available for some of them. understand that going through the material with too much time might not sound like an issue, but once you start forgetting stuff and having to re-read sections you will see what I mean. anyways, you will simply have to do a lot of practice questions at that point. I would recommend Schweser, they have a Qbank which has test questions (~4,000 of them) which is all digital. before you get to that though get your hands on the material in digital form to study. good luck!! and dont forget to take the end of section quizzes from the CFAI texts or from your study provider, it really helps to retain the material. from L1 candidate that is ready to June exam

Nothing wrong with starting this early. I would recommend Elan’s Ultimate Pack plus Schwesers QBank (if you love to practice) I don’t think Schweser and Stalla provide electronic versions of their books. Can anyone shed some more light on this? CFAI books and prep providers’ study guides for Dec 2010 are the same as those for June 2010. They are readily available.