What should i study while on CFA study break

Hi all, Im taking a break from CFA level 2 until june 2009, so in the interim i want to study something or do some course rather to beef up my resume. Basically it would be great to get something on my resume for when i go to Denmark to try and get a job from Australia in about 6 months. I would be looking at beefing it up with anyhting from acocunting (auditing, tax) to quant finance, to corporate finance etc. Ideas are welcomed. Preferably something I can start soon and do over the next 1 to 6 or 7 months. Thanks

you could always just purchase schweser and study that…


I’m actually thinking of picking up a guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play so it’d be a good way to relax and teach myself something new. My brain will probably explode, but oh well.

You mentioned you don’t speak Danish. Do a language crash course.

Look at https://www.studera.nu/ and note the dead-lines 15 February and 15 April, look e.g. for Malmoe university college. Through this site you can find the equivalent Danish site.

If you’re looking for something useful from a work perspective: Learn a language… Learn an industry… Programming stuff (prob in C++)… Math or statistics… Project management… If you’re looking for something useful from a life perspective: Learn a new sport Learn a new musical instrument Learn a new language Learn to paint Take a history course

Language - takes up alot of time and effort Industry - could be useful Programming - ew… Math/Stats - workouts ur brain Proj. Mgmt - u can do this <1 month Sports - stay active and eat healthy! Music - go for the guitar~ Language - takes up alot of time and effort Paint - not artistic =\ History - could be useful

I’m also waiting until 2009 to take level 2. I recently purchased the wall street prep course to do in the meantime. You could look into something like that if you don’t already have great excel and financial modeling skills.

Mad Dane, you could check this site out, their program “Dansk for udlændinge” (Danish for Foreigners) might be useful, there are a couple of e-mail addresses under the “contacts” heading: http://www.uldum-hoejskole.dk/lange_kurser/Dansk_for_udl�ndinge.htm

ohhh im so split on whether to learn something else and wait for 2009, or to enter the 2008 L2 exam. Learning danish sure sounds like it owuld be good. And wouldnt mind learning some sort of quant program, eg SPLUS or matlab With regard tot he wall street course, do you get a certificate, at the end of it. Do employers look very favourably on it.? I found a good one from dealmaven too taht earns a certificate upon completion. As I may consider trying for a big 4 accounting firm job in denmark, can anyone suggest a good little well respected auditing course I could do in the interim?