What should my title be?

Basically, I get to choose my own title and looking for some insight.

During my year-end review for 2012, my boss tells me I will be “promoted”. I use " " 's here because I work for a small hedge fund that has only 3 real people working on the portfolio side - a PM and two analysts that handle everything - so there is really nowhere to move…Basically he is letting me choose what I want my title to be (it has been Investment Analyst for the last 2 years). Other than a small pay bump, my responsibilities don’t change, I won’t be supervising anyone, etc. It’s actually pretty cool of them to do this b/c it really only provides value to me in the event that I leave the firm (show some upward professional progression).

So…I would appreciate any recommendations (both genuine and bordering the hilariously absurd) on what would sound good.

As a little background, my main responsibilities include research (mostly equity and fixed income, some options, and dabbled into index futures for exposure management), database creation/management (nothing more than bloomberg screeners and proprietary scoring mechanisms), and trading on our electronic platform.

I’ve already reached C level as the CHO - Chief Hydration Officer (I drink an absurd amount of water so I take it upon myself to bring water pitchers up every morning)

Investment Analyst 2

No change in name.

HAIC - Head Analyst In Charge

BBA - Bottom B*tch Analyst

I’m actually in a very similar position, except the PM gave me the title ‘vice president’ instead of letting me choose. However, I still use analyst because should I seek other employment now, I don’t realistically feel my responsibilities/knowledge corresponds to a hedge fund VP. I suppose it might help to have in my back pocket in the future though, so might as well pick something that sounds good to you and ‘grow into it.’

Managing Director

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Good stuff. Thanks for the input. I guess there’s no harm in overstating my actual worth by choosing a cool title. Although HAIC is pretty tempting…

Senior Investment Analyst

Say you are a Chartered PWNPM.

Philosopher Writer Nuclear Physicist, but above all, a Man… just like you

Director of Research. That’ll show the other analysts.

^ +1


or VP Investment Analysis

sdivine42, Commander of the Armies of the North.


Master of Your Domain

Now that’s a movie worth quoting!

Junior Portfolio Manager or Assistant Portfolio Manager. Go 'head, give yourself the entry-level PM title, you’ve earned it fella

Haha fantastic. I’m actually strangely proud to be a part of one of IEV’s one-liners.

All joking aside, Junior PM is probably the most accurate. I basically do everything the PM does, just with him looking over my shoulder while I do it. I manage expsoures and allocations but it all get’s run through him at some point. Would it be ridiculous to use that?