What should this job pay?



My homeboy in the Midwest sent this to me. I don’t have a fuggin clue. He wants out of IB and this is his alternative.

80-120 depending on actual specifics

$80-95 plus bonus

Depends on the size of the company, location, and how senior the position.


Low: $100k

Median: $150

High: $200-$250

Public Company with $2B market cap.

Major metropolitan city in the Midwest.

No clue on how senior.

Based on the job requirements, they are looking for a person that is a couple of years out of MBA. I would still guess $150k for a decent candidate. But I don’t know - people here always say I am too optimistic about compensation.


I think you have to scale things back considerably in the midwest due to cost of living and lighter hours.

I’ll guess it’s about $120K all-in. I would have thought less at first, but there are quite a few transactional/M&A type responsibilities and also the role involves interfacing in an IR capacity with investors.

Curious to hear what the actual number ends up being.

95K w/ 10-15K Bonus

Aren’t you in SF? It takes like $150k just to have a 600 sqft studio within 30 miles of the city.

Wow, you have zero idea in the world what you are talking about. The VP for this position more than likely isn’t in the 200s.

Since none of you guys read the job posting, let me fill you in. This position reports to a Director who reports to a VP. This position also has a “dotted line” to a Senior Manager. In Silicon Valley a Sr Manager is in the 110-150k range. This is also one of the most expensive places to live in the US. My guess in the midwest the median for this type of a role is 100k. Max.

70-80 base + bonus of probably be 8-10k. Probably 45-50 hours most weeks but some stressful ones 1-2x per quarter.

-guy in the Midwest who had a job very similar to that.

Maybe a +10-25k if in Chicago.

This sounds very similar to the job my old Corporate Development Veep had. He was the head of Corporate Development. Actually, it was really just a one-man shop. His job was to value the companies and do the due diligence on them for prospective acquisitions.

His pay (in a major metro area in southwest US) was 175k. That was his base salary. I do not know what other compensation he got.

Wow those numbers suck. I know people getting paid more in India with less experience.

About $100-$150k base+bonus; this is a common position I see analysts take in the companies I cover.

Blake was right again? This cannot become a trend or it will get to his head.

Since I have none of the negative experiences that most of you seem to have had in the past with Blake, I will say it. Yes, he is probably right. I would be surprised if it paid six figures.