What should we do?

Ok, i think i’ve lazed around enough and kinda in the mood to hit the books again. But what should i do? There is still another 25 days to the results.

Doing things is better than doing nothing !!!

aside from ethics already mentioned, i’d brush up on your financial ratios if you don’t know them cold. I’m doing the L2 FSA right now and it’s just assumed you know interest coverage, ROA, ROE, asset turnover, etc. ratios… and stuff just builds from there. So if you think you might just barely get by on FSA, I’d do some review because it’ll help once you start up on the L2 FSA stuff in a few weeks.

I’m in the same boat and tend to agree with bannisja. I’ll probably start looking over some FSA from L1 and maybe take a crack at the L2 books from Stalla that a friend passed along to me. I started looking at some of the L2 stuff and it is truly no joke. I had seen most of the L1 stuff in undergraduate but this L2 material is definitely brand new to me. I give Time Series Analysis a big thumbs down…