What should you do for final review?

I finished the 1st pass by doing Elan vedios, Elan problems and CFAI problems on 5/8.

Then I started 2nd pass by reviewing CFAI BBs and EOC Qs. So far I finished Equity and am half way through FRA. I feel my progress is slow. We only have 2 weeks left and I’m running out of time. I doubt if I have time to finish the 2nd pass for all sessions, plus I have to do the mocks too.

I took an Elan mock after the 1st pass, and only got 50%. I forgot the stuff I reviewed 6 months ago.

So what’s the best strategy for final review? Shall I give up reviewing just do the mocks?

I have next whole week off and won’t be able to take any days off the week before the exam.

Your advise will be appreciated.