What software was this forum built with?

Does anyone know what program they used to build this forum? I was thinking about putting one together for the CMA as I just wrapped that up and there are currently no good forums to discuss it. Anyhow, let me know if you have any recommendations or input.

you can buy forum services from one of numerious hosting companies. best forum software is vBulletin as far as i know

I’m not sure what software this forum uses, but I can tell you there are products out there with far superior functionality. Try vBulliten (as mentioned) or phpBB.

phpbb is free and very easy to install/manage. It’s also open source so there is a huge community of people doing modifications for this program.

I’m looking at vBulletin for the CMA board, I was originally a CS major, so I know my way around some programming, but have never actually setup a server / domain before, what are all the steps I would need to kick it off and what company’s should I use to host it, etc. I want to reserve a decent domain name, not have xxxxxxxx.google.webhosting.com or anything like that.

I have several sites on yahoo. It’s wildly simple and you just go to yahoo small business and follow the prompts. (Setting up the actual site is, obviously, as difficult as you want it to be). You can register any domain you like as long as it’s not taken. Hence, if the site name www.cmastudy.com is not taken it can be yours and hosted by yahoo. Yahoo costs about $15/month and there are cheaper hosting services. I have no expertise at all in choosing a webhosting service and my choice of yahoo just suggests that brand names are worth something to me.