What stocks would you guys buy now?

I’m thinking about C or UBS. These stocks have been way down because of the subprime mess. Google is at a 52 week low. Is Blackstone or Fortress a good buy?

Definitely still thinking about C, Bear, or ML… and maybe google… Also looking at HMC, TM (all drops are due to XR)…

Financials: AGO - Taking market share; insulated from Subprime KFN - Good liquidity situation, very cheap, 15% yielder. Thinking about: AIG, XL Tech: EBAY - Cheap, Good quality asset Commodity: IPHS - Stable business, Good dividend, 20% FCF yield CHE-UN.TO - Play on Sulfuric Acid, not well covered. Special Situation: Calpine (CPN) - Post-Bankrupcty; not well covered.

I think Google is looking reasonable, still scared of Citi and would prefer UBS to them, but still like USBank if I had to pick a bank. Other than that…I have no idea right now

Seriously is there any possibility of C or UBS going under because of the subprime mess?

JPM!! Attractive PB value.

Ebay isn’t growing though.

I would be wary of Blackstone right now, sure there are deals out there but those take time to occur, you might not see the upside for a couple of years on it. I agree AGO is in a good position, I am not worried about C or UBS disappearing but that doesn’t mean they are good stocks right now either. Yields are great, but my concern is sustainabiity of those yields…if the company has to reduce the dividend there goes your value…

Hey Negative! Where’d you find out about Chemtrade? My buddies say it’s a buy now but I loath the management (I lost money on it before cuz they’re such bums).

Bank of America Office Depot JPM

I dont cover financials but i have heard some bad rumors about UBS You should buy some AAPL: Great catalyst as the SDK proliferate, Push Email helps in a enterprise segment where they have no exposire, 3g phone in june, carrier agreements mid year. Historical low valuation of a continued innovator. Guys on the street who are messing with the iphone/ipod estimates are just pulling numbers out their ass. And even they concede that Mac sales would probably make for it. Go read Rich Gardner’s (citi) pieces on AAPL he knows what he is talking about… For someone who never value invests, this is the one time i would “reach out and try to grab a falling knife” with full confidence that i won’t get hit…

What are your thoughts on Bank of Montreal? Could it possibly go below 40?

tvPM, I agree. AGO is definitely one of my favorite pick. Virgin, I follow the commodity space pretty well, especially the fertilizer guys. Sulfuric Acid is one of those “hidden” beneficiary of fertilizer that no one talks about. CFAdummy, EBAY has valuable asset. They can sell PayPal and its legacy site for easily 2x its current market cap. minocfa, I would NOT touch ODP. Lots and lots of issue at that company right now. Valuation is tempting but still…

agree on AAPL, although i dont think they will ever develop much of an enterprise format regardless of the new push email. the valuation is nice now expecially with macs starting to be so hot. BAC I agree with too based on the CFC purchase as it works more towards the future which is what we are basing the value on, no view on Montreal

What did you hear about UBS?


i’d buy - AUY - get in after AUY beats earnings in 2 weeks and then corrects, gold (inflation hedge) play IFN - India growth at 11% below NAV with 20% dividend yield to boot SDTH - crazy growth story, chinese monopoly, no debt, ample FCF AND anything that shorts US and Chinese financials, the massacre is not over just yet!

don’t buy toxic waste dumps like c or ubs. there is the possibility of a japan 80s or great depression era financial system blow up before this is finished. aud bonds would be a good bet for yield and to take advantage of insane global liquidity/irresponsible central banks. should help support to aud $

If there’s a financial blowup, I would think that Goldman, JPM would do well?

I think some of the housing related stocks such as BDK have been unfairly hammered. Especially the ones that are not purely reliant on the domestic market, and have fairly robust growth in some foreign areas…