What study sessions have you skipped?

You don’t have to necessarily have skipped it completely, but just basically accepted that it’s one of your weaker sections and is going to need heavy review. I’m looking at my study scheduler, and written down I have: Need to revisit: 28 - Fixed Income p/f mgmt 40 - Currency Risk mgmt 41 - Risk mgmt w/ fwds and futures 42 - Risk mgmt w/options 43 - Risk mgmt w/swaps I hate these sections. I’ll feel pretty good if I can get them in the 50-70% bracket consistently on multiple choice problems. Really far from ideal, but if I can execute on the other sections - which I think I can - I may be alright. OK, let’s hear it. What sections are killing you/will need heavy review?

GIPS GIPS GIPS There is one problem in Schweser in GIPS where they ask for 5 answers , and I had difficulty for 4th and 5th . Then I look at the answers and they list 35 possible answers . Thats right . Thirty Five .

Ethics: I start that Monday, I’ve been through all the other material at least twice but thought the straight memorization stuff should wait till now.


Read ethics and GIPS once. Did well when I first reviewed but haven’t revisited in a while. My plan is to look at these hardcore the weekend and week before the exam and hope for the best there. GIPS especially, there is just way too much to memorize to justify studying for it now like the other sections.