What the CFA has REALLY taught me

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Great post, I loved the insights you gave. I would strongly agree with your first and second point.

I’m not so sure, I don’t think they ever really get to the point.

so far, not to mess with people with walkie talkie checking IDs.

Oh…I just got it.

Eh, he deleted the post. Now I am curious about what it said…

I don’t think he deleted the post.

I beleive the point was to say CFA taught him nothing.

You’re saying a forum moderator deleted it?

Was it trashing the whole CFA program?

It was: “This is what I learned:”


(i.e. nothing)

As far as I know, no moderator changed it.

Oh. Well that’s anti climatic

It taught me that the CFA was superior to the MBA. However, this notation completely contradicted what my B School profs told me. Now all that considered, do you think I can get away with running my own reality TV show called the Amazing Racist given I’m a dumb black man?

And how many of those b school professors had a CFA? And if I were a professor teaching and my livelihood was affected I’d go around saying that b school is better than the CFA as well

The average student in B-school is not going for finance (even if a lot of them are or would like to). For them, and MBA serves a better purpose. Certainly, for portfolio managment CFA > MBA Finance course. But for fundamental analysis, things like how business strategy works, how marketing works, how how operational things work are definitely valuable - and not in the CFA program.

And for getting things done, all that MBA team project work helps you learn to delegate and work together better than studying for a bunch of tests.

CFA is more useful for investing, I think, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for your career than an MBA.

ppl that learned nothing from the CFA are problably not learning anything period…

i have ran across these types of people before who expect knowledge to somehow enter their skulls when there is no motivation or mental aptitude…

So you mean to say sleeping with my CFA books under my pillow won’t help me learn this crap?

if you don’t like studying the CFA…you problably won’t like security analysis…that’s my take…

the CFA program should be studied with passion and curiosity…never should it be done to simply scribble down the right answers…if you’re stressed about it its a problably a bad sign…

I can’t believe anyone can learn *nothing* from the CFA exam. That implies that you could have walked into the test and passes without studying. Whether it’s worth 1000 hours of study time is another thing.