What the heck is a "provision"

In all that GIPS stuff? Almost the same and the requirements buy not quite

First 5 people to put down there email will get a special study session email

I guess you guys forgot the rave reviews my translation etc. slides got last year… Pffffffff

Hey MGG I remember them :slight_smile: Bigwilly11189 @ g m a i l . c o m

Sent, Hope you find it helpful

if bigwilly remembers, then it must be good boscfa @ g m a i l thanks

jimneecricket@hotmail.com thanks

sent / sent

cannonkallon@gmail.com Thanks

OK…I’ll bite. golong100@hotmail.com I got some slides from someone last year that dealt with translation. Was it from you. Included was some stuff on Pensions and other knick knacks. If it was you thanks again MGG, they were wicked.

biwilly strikershank at gmail bud…i’m curious… and you owe me for that time with the quesiton and the post at that time some time ago.

BB those were mine / sent

MGG… please send them here! p j s t y l e s @ c o g e c o . c a Thanks! PJStyles

Can I have the study session too, yangccmm@yahoo.com. Thxs!!

haha. Thanks MGG, I can’t checck that email from work, so it will have to wait until later today. THANKS! Striker with MGG’s permission I can send you his work :wink:

If someone can send it my way as well that would be great… email address is above.

I would like it too please: e-mail derswap@gmail.com

i forsee a doostang thread …all the lurkers will come alive …

can some one send it to me as well to : flapechino@gmail.com thanx.